Our company

The group Papas Argente, has always relied on the quality of both its products and processes-operation thereof, which applies to continuous quality control before, during, and after the manufacturing process.

Quality control ranges from a thorough control of raw materials and suppliers, to conducting numerous analytical, both final products and intermediate products, always with the aim of ensuring optimum hygiene and quality of our products.

After many years working in the field of crisps and snacks, as well as in the field of specialty breads, our extensive experience and constant effort to satisfy our customers and consumers, has led us not to conform with continuous improvement, a cornerstone of our policy of quality in PAPAS ARGENTE, SA (factory chips and snack foods) and BAKERY & FLAVOR, SL (special bread factory). For this reason the company has opted for the future to make significant investments to obtain certification in the Quality Standard IFS in our factory specialty breads.

With the belief that product quality is what makes the difference It is our firm intention to direct our efforts to keep the line of work pursued so far to meet the expectations of consumers, both in variety and product design as well as health and safety standards dictate.